Heavenly BBQ at Tishbi's Winery Farm

The Tishbi name is a well known establishment in Israeli Wine landscape.
The family winery opened in 1985. Today, Tishbi's fifth generation is running it with love and care. There is the Winery, the Winery's Restaurant, the Winery's Bakery, and a new Wine & Chocolate Tasting Center.  A true pearl is the Tishbi's BBQ. It is a genius combination between great food and great wine.

Friday mornings are packed with crowd enjoying the great weather, and great music by a local Jazz band.

The line might be long, but it worth the waiting. (Even as a take out...)

Now, let's talk about the star, the meat.

Smoked, moist, and delicious.

We decided to combine the main dishes to one plate.
A heavenly sandwich with homemade Chimichurri and Barbecue sauces & sweet-salty pickles, as well as meat with fries. 

The crisps of the pickles, with the softness of the freshly baked bun, combined with the flavors of the meat and the sauces is an experience you have to have, in order to fully grasp this sandwich's magic.

Tishbi's Winery is open Sunday's to Thursday's 8 am – 5 am, and Friday's 9 am - 3 am. The BBQ trailer is open every Friday from 9 am. Enjoy!

Meet Nissim Kalderon

Nissim Kalderon is a multi talents Israeli artist.
Nissim studied Textile studies at Shenkar Collage of Engineering and Design, and then continued to study art teaching at Kalischer College for figurative art studies.

I went to his third Solo show at at The Lighthouse gallery, at Jaffa. He presented a variety of works from 10 years of creation. In the photos from the exhibition you can see Nissim explaining about the different works and inspirations. 

"...I think of an old television set, a broken portable phone, a record, thrown away and then taken to a new home; and an elemental question arises within me regarding physical things the western world creates. This is the motivation behind everything I do."

Then, I came to Nissim's studio for a special photoshoot. It was such a privilege to be welcomed into Nissim's creative space.

"... As an artist, Painting is a basic way for me to communicate and ongoing document my relationship with my surroundings. My works spawn from graphic design, through textile, to sound - all embodied in a creation, using different techniques I’ve accumulated throughout the years."

I find Nissim's paintings full of expression, ideas, and attention. You can really see the amount of effort, accuracy and thought that he pours into his creation process.

Selected paintings - 

David Bowie, 2004

Mammoth, 2009

(The Holy) Deer, 2008

(The Holy) Ostrich, 2008

The Beach, 2011

Space, 2015

Space, 2015

Space, 2015

Space, 2015

"I live my art. It is vital for me to crossbreed the different aspects of life – a thousand year old method and one of the twentieth century, entwined in an aesthetic solution in order to create something unique."

These days, Nissim is in Los Angles, exploring the LA culture and different surroundings. Very soon you'll be able to see more paintings, video art & listen to music tracks at his new website!
(Contact via email - nk972@walla.com)

Passover 2015

Celebration of spring and freedom.

Some of my family's traditional passover dishes;
Artichokes in white wine, and a leg of a lamb with garlic and rosemary.

Some of this year's new dishes were Roots salad with watercress and toasted almonds, as well as, Lavender Honey mousse.

The morning after I noticed the wild roses blossom, and enjoy its beauty!

Have a happy & colorful Spring!

Cultural Thursday: Israeli Glass 2015


Glass exhibition at Eretz Israel Museum. This exhibition displays the works of 62 selected local artists from the last four years. The works shapes and the artists delicate way of creating and maneuvering the glass itself are both creative & mesmerizing.

Here are some of my selected works -

Nili Lorch, Israel 1-2, 2012.

Boris Sheizman, The Sacred Bond, 2014.

 Miri Admoni, Pieces from The Alchemy Series 2012 - 2014.

Abigail Levy, Tunnel Of Imagination, 2010.

Gregori Zilber, Speakless, 2014.

Olya Brener, Blue Serenity, 2013.

Eliran Jan, Coasts Of Skin, Thoughts Of Nothingness, 2014.

Noa Fein, Between Heaven and Earth, 2011.

Ziv Tsfati, Out Of The Depths, 2014.

Navit Hamias, Made In China, 2014.

Olya Brener, Flying Cows, 2014.

Flying Shadows.

Israeli Glass 2015, Curator: Henrietta Eliezer Bruner.
The exhibition closes at June 20, 2015

Liad Ronen's debut album

Liad was a singer, an artist, a sound person, a songwriter and a composer. In the process of releasing her first album, but sadly she did not manage to reach that goal. Two months before her 30th birthday, Liad was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called TTP - a disease that left her fighting to survive, and that ultimately took her life only one week later.

Liad left behind her voice, recorded. I was privileged to take part in the initiative of Smadar and Geva (Liad's brother and sister), by documenting the recording of the album, at Bardo Studios

Composer Ari Gorali

Composer Moran Meisels

Karen Teperberg

Michael Frost

Composer Yehu Yaron

Composer Shaul Pechter

Yair Rubin

Sound Engineer, Ithamar Samuel Eshpar

The Ronen Family

Second day of recording, starting off with Smadar Ronen's band

Noam Shacham

Itamar Hazi Shalev

Then the strings section

Hen Shenhar

Noa Ayali

Yiftah Boaz

Smadar Ronen

Daniel Tanchelson

Daniel Sapir

Noam Haimovitz Weinschel

Nitsan Barber

Composer Moran Meisels

Documentation by Geva

Composer Alon Radai

There are 11 days left to be a part of this amazing project - 

The Traversella Diaries - Part Two

In the neighboring village, Trausella, there is a small restaurant, Anita, named after the owner. They serve local home-cooking. 

Narrow country side roads on our way to Trausella

Barbera wine

Almonds cake 

Piedmontese Polenta

Cheese plate

Visiting Turin

Taking a hike at Fondo

Visiting Bergamo

That's it for this trip.
Hope you will have a great week full of joy and creation!

Naama's Delights

Namma, Mica and Joni came for their annual December visit from Lucerne, Switzerland. Every time we meet we exchange stories with laughter and joy!

Namma is a chef, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu. And sometimes when we meet, there are amazingly cooked or baked food and desserts! This was one of those times...

Naama's plating the dish

Potato cooked in the oven, Rigatoni Pasta with pan grilled tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini, and parsley on top.

Shell Pasta with pan grilled tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini, Pan Grilled Polenta & parsley on top.

Apple Tarte Tatin - Caramel at the bottom

Preparing the dough

A Yummy Close Up

Preparing the apples

Waiting for the desserts...

And here they are! 
The Apple Tarte Tatin.

And The "Caramalabi". A Vegan Coconut Milk Caramel - Malabi
(that has been prepared in advance) 

Thank you Naama and everyone who was responsible for preparing and making these delightful & delicious dishes!

The Traversella Diaries - Part one

In 2010 we bought a Baita, at the north west part of Italy.
A Baita is a mountain house used for hosing the shepherd and his/hers livestock during the summer. They are usually constructed with dry-stone walls, and are typically roofed with substantial stone slabs which provide protection from heavy winter snowfalls.

Since then, we have been busy renovation the house.

I haven't been there for two years, and one of the first things I noticed was the mint, that has survived the snow and the winter. Probably the neighbor's goats doesn't like the taste...

Walnut Trees

The colors of fall. A mix of brown, orange and green.

Rineta, our neighbor, were making pickled Peperoncini, stuffed with anchovies and capers.


Then we went to the forest, to search for mushrooms.


sukulent plant, brought back from the wild, to plant in our garden.

We decided to go to Magdalena's farm. She is seventy years old, mother of nine children.
Some still live with her at the farm.

Toma Cheese

Hastudia - Tel Aviv DIY Workspace

I first met Ellie Dayan and Emma Hacohen a few months ago,  at their second home, Hastudia, when my cousin Laura showed me around at the Noga neighborhood, in Jaffa.

I found myself walking around, mesmerized by the aesthetic and joyful atmosphere, before even talking to them.

Everywhere you look you can find a sign, hand written or made out of wood or metal with mottos like: WORK HARD - STAY HUMBLE, WORK IT,  TURN ANYTHING INTO A LIGHT and more. Polaroid pictures of people who are a part of Hastudia's community and their creations, as well of a variety of tools that you can use!

Ellie & Emma have created a unique place. They describe it as "A multi-disciplinary studio where hobbyists and professionals alike come to create and remake. A place to share knowledge, gain experience, be inspired and get crafty!"

Is it possible to skip this place? Why miss out on a chance of meeting new people, finding out all about interesting workshops, learning a new skill, having a great time PLUS leaving with a new object / furniture / anything that you have actually created or renovated with your own hands!

The three of us decided to create a clip that will give you a glimpse into the Hastudia!

Here it is:

For more information and their calendar (with weekly workshops):

Have a great and creative week! 

Sometimes all you need is the sea

There is nothing like having a swim in cool water*.  The sun is above you, the wind carries you on & on with the waves, and there are sounds of joy and laughter around. And then having a walk, observing your surroundings, talking with people you love.

* Cool water = Water degrees are 29 Celsius, which is 84.2 fahrenheit.



My grandmother, Ayala.

After a swim, wet & happy!

Resting after a run

My father, playing with the wind

Tire tracks on the sand

My little brother

I hope you all had a good weekend!
And that you'll have a great week, full of joy & reaching your goals!