Hastudia - Tel Aviv DIY Workspace

I first met Ellie Dayan and Emma Hacohen a few months ago,  at their second home, Hastudia, when my cousin Laura showed me around at the Noga neighborhood, in Jaffa.

I found myself walking around, mesmerized by the aesthetic and joyful atmosphere, before even talking to them.

Everywhere you look you can find a sign, hand written or made out of wood or metal with mottos like: WORK HARD - STAY HUMBLE, WORK IT,  TURN ANYTHING INTO A LIGHT and more. Polaroid pictures of people who are a part of Hastudia's community and their creations, as well of a variety of tools that you can use!

Ellie & Emma have created a unique place. They describe it as "A multi-disciplinary studio where hobbyists and professionals alike come to create and remake. A place to share knowledge, gain experience, be inspired and get crafty!"

Is it possible to skip this place? Why miss out on a chance of meeting new people, finding out all about interesting workshops, learning a new skill, having a great time PLUS leaving with a new object / furniture / anything that you have actually created or renovated with your own hands!

The three of us decided to create a clip that will give you a glimpse into the Hastudia!

Here it is:

For more information and their calendar (with weekly workshops):

Have a great and creative week!