Heavenly BBQ at Tishbi's Winery Farm

The Tishbi name is a well known establishment in Israeli Wine landscape.
The family winery opened in 1985. Today, Tishbi's fifth generation is running it with love and care. There is the Winery, the Winery's Restaurant, the Winery's Bakery, and a new Wine & Chocolate Tasting Center.  A true pearl is the Tishbi's BBQ. It is a genius combination between great food and great wine.

Friday mornings are packed with crowd enjoying the great weather, and great music by a local Jazz band.

The line might be long, but it worth the waiting. (Even as a take out...)

Now, let's talk about the star, the meat.

Smoked, moist, and delicious.

We decided to combine the main dishes to one plate.
A heavenly sandwich with homemade Chimichurri and Barbecue sauces & sweet-salty pickles, as well as meat with fries. 

The crisps of the pickles, with the softness of the freshly baked bun, combined with the flavors of the meat and the sauces is an experience you have to have, in order to fully grasp this sandwich's magic.

Tishbi's Winery is open Sunday's to Thursday's 8 am – 5 am, and Friday's 9 am - 3 am. The BBQ trailer is open every Friday from 9 am. Enjoy!