The Traversella Diaries - Part one

In 2010 we bought a Baita, at the north west part of Italy.
A Baita is a mountain house used for hosing the shepherd and his/hers livestock during the summer. They are usually constructed with dry-stone walls, and are typically roofed with substantial stone slabs which provide protection from heavy winter snowfalls.

Since then, we have been busy renovation the house.

I haven't been there for two years, and one of the first things I noticed was the mint, that has survived the snow and the winter. Probably the neighbor's goats doesn't like the taste...

Walnut Trees

The colors of fall. A mix of brown, orange and green.

Rineta, our neighbor, were making pickled Peperoncini, stuffed with anchovies and capers.


Then we went to the forest, to search for mushrooms.


sukulent plant, brought back from the wild, to plant in our garden.

We decided to go to Magdalena's farm. She is seventy years old, mother of nine children.
Some still live with her at the farm.

Toma Cheese