Cultural Thursday: Israeli Glass 2015


Glass exhibition at Eretz Israel Museum. This exhibition displays the works of 62 selected local artists from the last four years. The works shapes and the artists delicate way of creating and maneuvering the glass itself are both creative & mesmerizing.

Here are some of my selected works -

Nili Lorch, Israel 1-2, 2012.

Boris Sheizman, The Sacred Bond, 2014.

 Miri Admoni, Pieces from The Alchemy Series 2012 - 2014.

Abigail Levy, Tunnel Of Imagination, 2010.

Gregori Zilber, Speakless, 2014.

Olya Brener, Blue Serenity, 2013.

Eliran Jan, Coasts Of Skin, Thoughts Of Nothingness, 2014.

Noa Fein, Between Heaven and Earth, 2011.

Ziv Tsfati, Out Of The Depths, 2014.

Navit Hamias, Made In China, 2014.

Olya Brener, Flying Cows, 2014.

Flying Shadows.

Israeli Glass 2015, Curator: Henrietta Eliezer Bruner.
The exhibition closes at June 20, 2015