Naama's Delights

Namma, Mica and Joni came for their annual December visit from Lucerne, Switzerland. Every time we meet we exchange stories with laughter and joy!

Namma is a chef, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu. And sometimes when we meet, there are amazingly cooked or baked food and desserts! This was one of those times...

Naama's plating the dish

Potato cooked in the oven, Rigatoni Pasta with pan grilled tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini, and parsley on top.

Shell Pasta with pan grilled tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini, Pan Grilled Polenta & parsley on top.

Apple Tarte Tatin - Caramel at the bottom

Preparing the dough

A Yummy Close Up

Preparing the apples

Waiting for the desserts...

And here they are! 
The Apple Tarte Tatin.

And The "Caramalabi". A Vegan Coconut Milk Caramel - Malabi
(that has been prepared in advance) 

Thank you Naama and everyone who was responsible for preparing and making these delightful & delicious dishes!