Meet Nissim Kalderon

Nissim Kalderon is a multi talents Israeli artist.
Nissim studied Textile studies at Shenkar Collage of Engineering and Design, and then continued to study art teaching at Kalischer College for figurative art studies.

I went to his third Solo show at at The Lighthouse gallery, at Jaffa. He presented a variety of works from 10 years of creation. In the photos from the exhibition you can see Nissim explaining about the different works and inspirations. 

"...I think of an old television set, a broken portable phone, a record, thrown away and then taken to a new home; and an elemental question arises within me regarding physical things the western world creates. This is the motivation behind everything I do."

Then, I came to Nissim's studio for a special photoshoot. It was such a privilege to be welcomed into Nissim's creative space.

"... As an artist, Painting is a basic way for me to communicate and ongoing document my relationship with my surroundings. My works spawn from graphic design, through textile, to sound - all embodied in a creation, using different techniques I’ve accumulated throughout the years."

I find Nissim's paintings full of expression, ideas, and attention. You can really see the amount of effort, accuracy and thought that he pours into his creation process.

Selected paintings - 

David Bowie, 2004

Mammoth, 2009

(The Holy) Deer, 2008

(The Holy) Ostrich, 2008

The Beach, 2011

Space, 2015

Space, 2015

Space, 2015

Space, 2015

"I live my art. It is vital for me to crossbreed the different aspects of life – a thousand year old method and one of the twentieth century, entwined in an aesthetic solution in order to create something unique."

These days, Nissim is in Los Angles, exploring the LA culture and different surroundings. Very soon you'll be able to see more paintings, video art & listen to music tracks at his new website!
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