Amnon & Lior's Wedding

On any day, seeing a wedding video makes one feel happy and moved... more so in days such as these. Allow yourself to smile and to be moved by the great joy and love of Amnon & Lior's wedding! It's important to remind ourselves that joy, caring, love and serenity can be found, and can be created.  Tel Aviv, Israel, July 2014.

Enjoy their video -  

A day full of joy, smiles, happiness, hugs, excitement, and pure LOVE.

Video & Edit: Ella Leshman.
Additional video shot: Gil Forster.

Video art for Bezalel graduate Oshrat Saban Ishai

Oshrat Saban Ishai's final project, The department of Jewelry and Fashion 2014. Bezalel Academy Of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

"This collection is a tribute to my grandmother, whom I never met. She was a native of Algiers and a weaver by profession. The garments are based on the connection between traditional & advanced weaving techniques and traditional Algerian clothing..."

Oshrat's collection.  Materials: silk, wool, cotton, velvet, viscose fabric, acetate, embroidery threads, knitting yarns.  Techniques: weaving by hand, laser cutting. 

Oshrat's collection. Materials: silk, wool, cotton, velvet, viscose fabric, acetate, embroidery threads, knitting yarns. 
Techniques: weaving by hand, laser cutting. 


Oshrat's models were her family members, who wore garments made especially for them.


We made a video art, combining her grandma's singing with the Loom's sounds.

You can watch the video here -  

You can see the collection and more amazing final projects at Bezalel Academy Of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, until Friday, 1/8. More posts about the exhibition will be upload soon.

My Father's 55 Birthday!

When you are a child you love your family. But when you grow up you can really appreciate what you have, and realize that what you have, is what you been given. What your family, and especially your parents, provided for you. 

When I served in the Army, I worked at the education unit, helping young children from harsh environments, doing house visits, and witnessing their house, their bedroom, and their reality about what they have & what they are privileged to have. 

At that moment I realized how much my parents looks out for me. Provides me. Help me. Support me. Makes me feel loved. Makes me feel at home. 
How much they have taught me. How much they push me forwards..

Today I can say THANK YOU to one of them, my father. He's 55 today!
He has always done all of the above, and more. I love you dad. May your future will be full with laughter, joy, friends, creation, dad jokes, hugs, love, kisses, and games!    

Step one - my mother is making the Pizzas!

Step two - My dad is cooking the Pizzas! (And showing off his #1 dad medal)

Girls just want to have fun!

On Saturday morning I was at Lior's bachelorette party, at her parents house. Everyone was thrilled and nervous, and full of joy, waiting for Lior, to arrive.

We were a group of Lior friends, some know each other, some didn't. 

Jenny's kindergarden, Kibbutz Maayan Zvi

Enjoying the chocolate & the creation time!


I think I was the friend who know her for the longest time.. You see, we know each other since we were two years old. Lior always loved me, embrace me, made me lough, and loved the size differences between us...

Here is a picture from our kindergarden, you'll see what I mean. (I'm the little blonde one. Lior is to my left.)

Making a chocolate decoration! 

Chocolate decorations! 

Beautiful and tasty brunch! 

Wedding invitations! 

There's also a short clip.. enjoy!

Colorful Friday

The weekends are always so much fun especially when you're surrounded by flowers and delicious garden fruits. I don't think that there is such a thing as
"too many flowers"... Here is an example; My parents house, at Zichron Ya'akov, Israel.

Entrance to the house - different kinds of Geranium, Red Begonia & Impatiens Walleriana.

I think that this picture can tell that you're going to have a good weekend!  Why?
Well, first of all, there is a huge cup of coffee in the left of the frame, then there is our talented friend's camera, Yuval Doron, resting on the table. And of course all the beautiful flowers!

A dried  orange Ornithogalum hanged on the living room window. 

The Garden Fruits - 

Purple mulberries! Almost ripe..

The Pitango tree, and the Bougainvillea in the background

The Pitango fruits

Pink & Red Begeonia 

Pitango fruits - crimson love.

White Chrysanthemum & White Limonium Sinuatum 

 To see Yuval Doron's amazing pictures  - 

Have a GREAT & colorful weekend! 

Holidays, family, and growth

The holidays are all about great food, family time, good wine, family jokes, helping each other, long talks & creation. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and preparing food for your loved ones.

Radish, red onion, mint, apples & lemon jelly.

Table for 25

Lamb with garlic, rosemary, salt & black pepper.

A few days after the Passover dinner I met a distant cousin from Denmark for the first time. It is amazing to meet someone around your age, from another country, from another world, who grew up far away, with different habits, different routines, a different language, who can give you a different point of view on your own world.  

In the photo below you can see the results of the meeting.

From the left: Sygalle (my mother), Michal (cousin from Jerusalem), Ayala (my grandma from my mother's side), Ida, Mari & Laura (Ida & Laura are sisters, our cousins from Denmark. Mari is their good friend from Norway).

Today we went to a nursery. Buying flowerpots and plants.

Some people use fake flowers or fake grass.

Plastic pink Nufar.

Fake green grass. 

I believe in the real thing. A living creature, that breathes, grows & reacts.

At the nursery

At home

The holidays atmosphere is similar to the way plants reacts to their new home.
They are being transformed to a bigger flowerpot, with extra dirt, more space and they have more freedom, they can breathe the air, and drink the water we supply, to grow bigger and expand. We can get in our car, drive to somewhere close or somewhere far, to expand our open space, to feel the wind, to breathe the different air, and explore the new surrounding.

Hope you had happy holidays! 

Joyful Friday

Which words can really describe a wedding? Or a wedding party?
Joyful, happiness, excitement, festivity, hugs, smiles..  And a whole lot of LOVE!
All of those where at Yigal & Daphna's wedding party!

Here are some sneak peeks - 

On our way to the party.. 

Bride's street photo shoot

The couple unites! 

Baking & Partying (Moranne & Danielle's Birthday)

A Birthday is a great time for some Baking and some Partying! And it's so much fun specially when it's for someone you love. And when it's even two people (Twins), it's even merrier!  

Granola Cookies..

Granola cookies with cranberries, sunflower seeds, and Tahini..

Biscuits Cake..

Mascarpone cheese and Amaretto cream

Lotus Biscuits

Layers of the biscuits and the cream

Tal & Moranne

Chocolate rum balls..

The mix

 Rolling the balls in Cacao..

This is how the table looked like

And this is how my hands looked like

Making Pizza dough..

Here is a clip that combines the baking and the party!

Cultural Thursday

My mom and I have decided to have a cultural Thursday.
We went to The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. To the exhibition "Woven Consciousness. Contemporary Textile in Israel".

Gali Cnaani is buying second hand cloths, deconstructs and then reconstructs them.
Cnaani unpicks the fabric and distorts the original print.

Trousers and Shirt, 2012

Stars Shirt, 2014

Close up

Close up

Tamar Banai uses porcelain as the undershirt's fabric.
The porcelain pieces moves in the air, and creates soft music, or soundtrack to the work.

Undershirt from the installation "One By One", 2013

Close up

Tal Shosan collected internal parts of bicycle wheels, cut them, washed them, and knotted them together. The work has a ethereal and massive feel simultaneously. 

Black Rosetta

Close up

Andi Arnovitz creates fabrics from cotton, threads, feathers and transparent film.
As a viewer, you go back and forth, to have a look from different distances. From far; it's the work as a whole, and from close, you can deepen your research and view the textures's variety. 

A Coat for Little Chicken, 2013

Close up

Abir Atallah directs her daughters in different roles.
This photo is aesthetic and sensitive, and it feels that there is criticism that awaits to be seen.

Untitled, 2011

We also managed to see "Paper Art in Israel 2", that had amazing works, which exhibited artists full of love and craftsmanship to their creation.
Here is Ohad Tsfati's work, all made from hand made paper.

Thank you, mom! I know that I can always count on you to take me on adventures.
To spend the time exploring & talking about art, aesthetics, and culture with love and interest.

Here is a photo of my mom's hands.
(You can see that she's an artist who creates with her hands.. )

Fashion & Music kind of week..

FASHION: This week I had an amazing photo shoot with Cole Hands.
They are Israeli designers who make women's casual & tailored clothing, accessories and bags. They like bold statements, individuality and anything that is a little out of the ordinary.. No wonder we clicked! 

Here are some photos from the photo shoot -

Hannah Sassoon - A Happy Designer

You can see more items here:


I'm very happy to announce that the super talented Cali Rivlin's interviews about her debut album are done! This week we launched the first part - Enjoy!

More info and music from Cali:

Have a great weekend!

My kind of Monday..

Yesterday was my kind of Monday..
Just the second day of the week and it was A-mazing. 

Why? It started with stills and video session at Nadav Barnea's rehearsals! Then continued with Cali Rivlin video clip edit session.. And then a comedy at Beit Lessin Theater, "'Working For Two"! A day full of CREATION, MUSIC, and LAUGHTER!

Nadav Barnea session at Keoss Studios, Tel Aviv..

Cali Rivlin's edit session..

Beit Lessin Theater..

More photos HERE:


When you don't feel so well, and you stay at home, and you have beautiful lilies next to you.. What do you do? Well.. You force your flatmate to model with them,
of course..