Cultural Thursday

My mom and I have decided to have a cultural Thursday.
We went to The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. To the exhibition "Woven Consciousness. Contemporary Textile in Israel".

Gali Cnaani is buying second hand cloths, deconstructs and then reconstructs them.
Cnaani unpicks the fabric and distorts the original print.

Trousers and Shirt, 2012

Stars Shirt, 2014

Close up

Close up

Tamar Banai uses porcelain as the undershirt's fabric.
The porcelain pieces moves in the air, and creates soft music, or soundtrack to the work.

Undershirt from the installation "One By One", 2013

Close up

Tal Shosan collected internal parts of bicycle wheels, cut them, washed them, and knotted them together. The work has a ethereal and massive feel simultaneously. 

Black Rosetta

Close up

Andi Arnovitz creates fabrics from cotton, threads, feathers and transparent film.
As a viewer, you go back and forth, to have a look from different distances. From far; it's the work as a whole, and from close, you can deepen your research and view the textures's variety. 

A Coat for Little Chicken, 2013

Close up

Abir Atallah directs her daughters in different roles.
This photo is aesthetic and sensitive, and it feels that there is criticism that awaits to be seen.

Untitled, 2011

We also managed to see "Paper Art in Israel 2", that had amazing works, which exhibited artists full of love and craftsmanship to their creation.
Here is Ohad Tsfati's work, all made from hand made paper.

Thank you, mom! I know that I can always count on you to take me on adventures.
To spend the time exploring & talking about art, aesthetics, and culture with love and interest.

Here is a photo of my mom's hands.
(You can see that she's an artist who creates with her hands.. )