My Father's 55 Birthday!

When you are a child you love your family. But when you grow up you can really appreciate what you have, and realize that what you have, is what you been given. What your family, and especially your parents, provided for you. 

When I served in the Army, I worked at the education unit, helping young children from harsh environments, doing house visits, and witnessing their house, their bedroom, and their reality about what they have & what they are privileged to have. 

At that moment I realized how much my parents looks out for me. Provides me. Help me. Support me. Makes me feel loved. Makes me feel at home. 
How much they have taught me. How much they push me forwards..

Today I can say THANK YOU to one of them, my father. He's 55 today!
He has always done all of the above, and more. I love you dad. May your future will be full with laughter, joy, friends, creation, dad jokes, hugs, love, kisses, and games!    

Step one - my mother is making the Pizzas!

Step two - My dad is cooking the Pizzas! (And showing off his #1 dad medal)