Girls just want to have fun!

On Saturday morning I was at Lior's bachelorette party, at her parents house. Everyone was thrilled and nervous, and full of joy, waiting for Lior, to arrive.

We were a group of Lior friends, some know each other, some didn't. 

Jenny's kindergarden, Kibbutz Maayan Zvi

Enjoying the chocolate & the creation time!


I think I was the friend who know her for the longest time.. You see, we know each other since we were two years old. Lior always loved me, embrace me, made me lough, and loved the size differences between us...

Here is a picture from our kindergarden, you'll see what I mean. (I'm the little blonde one. Lior is to my left.)

Making a chocolate decoration! 

Chocolate decorations! 

Beautiful and tasty brunch! 

Wedding invitations! 

There's also a short clip.. enjoy!