Holidays, family, and growth

The holidays are all about great food, family time, good wine, family jokes, helping each other, long talks & creation. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and preparing food for your loved ones.

Radish, red onion, mint, apples & lemon jelly.

Table for 25

Lamb with garlic, rosemary, salt & black pepper.

A few days after the Passover dinner I met a distant cousin from Denmark for the first time. It is amazing to meet someone around your age, from another country, from another world, who grew up far away, with different habits, different routines, a different language, who can give you a different point of view on your own world.  

In the photo below you can see the results of the meeting.

From the left: Sygalle (my mother), Michal (cousin from Jerusalem), Ayala (my grandma from my mother's side), Ida, Mari & Laura (Ida & Laura are sisters, our cousins from Denmark. Mari is their good friend from Norway).

Today we went to a nursery. Buying flowerpots and plants.

Some people use fake flowers or fake grass.

Plastic pink Nufar.

Fake green grass. 

I believe in the real thing. A living creature, that breathes, grows & reacts.

At the nursery

At home

The holidays atmosphere is similar to the way plants reacts to their new home.
They are being transformed to a bigger flowerpot, with extra dirt, more space and they have more freedom, they can breathe the air, and drink the water we supply, to grow bigger and expand. We can get in our car, drive to somewhere close or somewhere far, to expand our open space, to feel the wind, to breathe the different air, and explore the new surrounding.

Hope you had happy holidays!